Hike SLO and Save Money on Life Insurance! (7 Best SLO-area Trails)

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What?! How can hiking possibly save you money on your life insurance? Although that may seem to be an unusual correlation, it’s actually true. People who are healthy not only live longer, they typically pay less for life insurance as well. Many insurers require a medical exam and take into account weight, blood [...]

How Much Do Insurance Companies Spend, and How Much Do They Make?

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How much do insurance companies spend? How much do they make? And how does that impact me? These are all important questions. In this article, we're going to try to answer some of that in a way that hopefully makes sense. What is the Medical Loss Ratio? The medical loss ratio is the amount [...]

What to Do With Your $3.45 Refund from Anthem Blue Cross

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The following letter is posted for your information only AND does NOT reflect the opinion or views of any employee or family member associated with the Susan Polk Insurance Agency, Inc. Letter:  Paying forward Originally Posted:  Sunday, August 19, 2012 12:00 am Posted by:  D.A.S. (name removed by request) An open letter to my [...]