Life Insurance and Divorce: 4 Basic Questions Answered

Divorce is devastating, plain and simple. It is, quite literally, the ripping apart of what was once one life together. On top of the personal and emotional difficulties that divorce entails, there is a swarm of practical details to figure out that can easily monopolize all the time, energy, and effort of all parties [...]

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Hike SLO and Save Money on Life Insurance! (7 Best SLO-area Trails)

What?! How can hiking possibly save you money on your life insurance? Although that may seem to be an unusual correlation, it’s actually true. People who are healthy not only live longer, they typically pay less for life insurance as well. Many insurers require a medical exam and take into account weight, blood [...]

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Why Would a Senior Citizen Need Life Insurance?

Most Americans need life insurance, although it is probably one of the most overlooked types of insurance available, and senior citizens are no exception. However, there are many different and good reasons that a senior should have life insurance. Here are some of the most common: Paying for last expenses Losing a loved one [...]

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